Here are some of my articles on Peter Higgs, the search for the Higgs particle and the occasional interview about Massive...

6th February 2013. Inge and Paul at City Books in Hove invited me to talk about Massive at the Brighton Science Festival, at the brilliant, volunteer-run Ropetackle Arts Centre.

4th November 2012. My Royal Society public lecture at Manchester Science Festival was a return to an old stomping ground. Amazing to speak in the beautiful historic reading room at John Rylands Library.

4th July 2012. Discovery day! My front page piece for the Guardian.

4th July 2012. Higgs boson discovery: now the real work begins. Another piece for the Guardian.

4th July 2012. Writing in the Guardian about the Higgs boson discovery and the headache it will cause the Nobel physics committee.

3rd July 2012. The day before the big announcement at CERN, I recorded this video at the Guardian explaining the Higgs boson, using a bag of sugar, some ping pong balls, and a tray from the office canteen.

13th December 2011. We may have glimpsed the Higgs boson, say CERN scientists.

22nd July 2011. CERN scientists suspect glimpse of Higgs boson.

28th April 2011. How will we know when the Higgs particle has been detected?

24th January 2011. Seth Shostak interviewed me for the SETI project's podcast, Are We Alone? We met while I was in Berkeley grabbing material for the Guardian and the Observer newspapers. After the interview, Seth was good enough to drive me to my next appointment at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. When I had some trouble getting past security, Seth chirped up: "It's ok, he's only here to steal your accelerator!"

14th January 2011. Marshall Poe interviewed me for his New Books in History podcast. It's well worth checking out some of the great authors he's invited on.

6th August 2010. Me rambling with excitement on the wonderful radio show, Little Atoms.

26 July 2010. After the rumours, the Higgs is still at large.

25 July 2010. Writing in the Observer Review on the lessons we should learn from the doomsday fears over the Large Hadron Collider.

21 June 2010. My feature in the Guardian on the Higgs portal and hidden worlds.

14 June 2010. On the Guardian Science Weekly podcast discussing Massive and the LHC with Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn-Smith, a former Director General at CERN.

12 June 2009. Crack open the bubbly, the God particle is dead.

29 May 2009. My competition to rename the God particle

3 March 2009. A portrait of Peter Higgs is unveiled at Edinburgh University.

10 September 2008. My New Scientist profile of Peter Higgs. Requires subscription.

17 November 2007. My Guardian feature on Peter Higgs and his elusive particle.



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